ENT Surgery

One of the leading Centre providing comprehensive diagnosis & therapeutic in the field of ENT related disorders. 24 hours round-the-clock ENT emergency services available.


  • boletOperating microscopes
  • boletNasal endoscopes (rigid)
  • boletNasopharyngo laryngoscope (flexible)
  • boletClosed circuit camera for FESS, microlaryngeal & micro ear surgeries
  • boletFully equipped audiometry & Speech therapy department
  • boletRadio frequency instrument & harmonic scalpel for blood less surgery
  • boletLaser Assisted Surgery
  • boletTympanometry
  • boletMiddle ear analyzer (Madesen)
  • boletBrainstem evoked response potential [BERA]
  • boletReal ear measurements (Hearing Aids-Digital)



  • boletTympanoplasty
  • boletSurgery for snoring & sleep apnoea syndrome
  • boletFunctional & cosmetic rhinoplasty
  • boletFunctional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
  • boletCochlear implant clinic for profound hearing loss in both children & adults
  • boletAllergy tests
  • boletLaser tonsilectomy
  • boletHearing assessment
  • boletSpeech Audiometry
  • boletSpecial tests for Hearing function (a) S.I.S.I., (b) T.D.T., (c) A.B.L.B., (d) TYMPANOGRAM
  • boletImpedance Audiometry
  • boletBrain stem evoked response audiometry
  • boletSpeech therapy for speech and language (problems) disorders