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The regular Health Check Up Plan provides routine body checkup only . However, the present work environment and life style of middle level work group requires them to keep their body and mind fit and for that purpose this plan is especially designed. In addition to the routine body checkup it covers investigation of lipid profile, kidney profile, Lever profile, Cardiac profile and pulmonary function test.

Consultation – Physician, Surgeon
Ophthalmologist, ENT, Gynec
Pathology investigations
Blood Group & RH Type, Fasting
Blood Sugar, Post Parandial
Bl-Sugar, Complete Blood Count, ESR,
S.Urea , SGPT, Lipid Profile, Skeletal
Profile, Thyroid Function Test,
Cardiac Profile
Urine Routine & Micro
Stool Routine & Micro
Electro Cardiogram (ECG),
TMT or Sonography (Abdomen)
X-Ray Chest