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Pregnancy is the most unique and exciting period of a woman's life. Special care needs to be taken during this time. After delivery special care being provided to child with facilities round the clock with pediatricians, PICU, NICU and specialist in pediatric surgeries

Being pregnant is indeed a wonderful experience, and most pregnant Mothers want to have the best possible care for themselves and their babies.

The Obstetrics & Gynaecology department of Anand Hospitals is Committed to give the highest standard of care to mothers and the newborns.

We have the following facilities.

Ante Natal Package

The moment you get pregnant, you book with Anand Hospitals, your first Visit will involve a detailed consultation, few blood tests, urine examination, Ultra sonography and plan for your subsequent visits to the ante-natal Clinics.

The Antenatal Education Programme

This program offers a variety of antenatal and post natal classes so that the women may Prepare themselves for the demands of labour. Included in the classes will Be strategies of staying healthy throughout pregnancy, managing pain in Labour, Stress management, Information of pain relief etc.

Fetal Assessment and Ultrasonography (USG)

Fetal assessment forms the major part of ante natal care and is done by the Most modern ultrasonography machines and fetal monitors to assess your Baby’s health.

High Risk Pregnancy and Emergency Unit

We have a multidisciplinary team approach to manage any medical problem during pregnancy. Eg: pregnancy with heart disease, where care is given by a Team of Cardiology and Obstetricians. We have the facilities to manage Any obstetric emergency in our well equipped labour ward and most morden medical intensive care unit with continuous monitoring facilities, Pulse oximeter, ventilatory support and an in house blood bank for blood And blood products . All delivers conducted by the consultants who are Working on a fulltime basis to give continuity of care.

Labour Delivery room

(An exclusive facility available at Anand Hospitals)

A state of art delivery room where all you have to do is come and have your Baby with all ultra modern facilities.


Gynae Endoscopy Unit:

For basis and endoscopic procedures like –

Colposcopy Clinic

For prevention of cervical cancer, we have a state of art video colposcope to detect any ‘pre-cancer’ lesions on the “Mouth of the Uterus” with the added advantage that the lesion can be shown to the patient at the same time and treated on out-patient basis i.e. there is no need for admission.

One Stop Menorrhagia Clinic

To save your time, money and inconvenience because frequent visits to hospital. This clinic sorts out your problem at one visit. This involves

At the end of the day various treatment options are explained to you and given according to the problem found.

Well Woman Check

To keep our women healthy, preventive health checkup with Pap Smear and USG, Mamography along with routine investigation done.

Gynae Oncology Department

Facilities for surgery and chemotherapy, for various Gynecological cancers are available.

Prolapse and Incontinence Clinic

Medical and Surgical treatment for prolapse, urinary incontinence and stress incontinence

Adolescent Gynaecology Clinic

Special clinic for teenage gynecology problems like – painful periods, no periods, heavy periods and other issues relating to health in adolescents, sex education.

Family Planning & Contraception

Offers wide range of choice for couples with counseling and involving the couples in decision making.

Menopause Clinic

A fully dedicated clinic with facilities for Mammography, Paps Smear, Bone Scan and counseling for hormone replacement therapy. Exclusive counseling facility available to deal with psychological and social problems related to Menopause.

Infertility Clinic

Infertility Clinic entails a detailed consultation and complete infertility work up including follicular studes and intra uterine insemination (IUI), and counseling facilities.

The Basic Work up for infertility

For Men:

Semen analysis is the key part of basic sample collection will be advised by your doctor.