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Neonatal & Child Care

Pediatrics and neonatology like all other field in medicine has seen many advancements in terms of diagnosis of many new illnesses, better understanding of known disorders, treatment modalities and supportive therapy .Here at Anand hospital ,ahmedabad, we are determined to offer your child the benefit of all the latest developments which have occurred .Pediatrics cover the health related problems, both physical and behavioral up to age of 18 years. Anand Hospitals pediatric department provides you variety of health related services ranging from preventive services, anticipatory guidance, assessment of wellbeing ,treatment of illnesses covering minor to most complicated and life threatening-acute to chronic-.involving all age groups fetus ,newborn,infant,toddler, preschool,school age to adolescent .all these age groups have unique requirements of health guidance ,preventive, sickness care and critical care.

We at Anand work as a team of pediatricians and other specialties, along with backup of most advanced diagnostic back up facility to provide maximum benefit to our patients.

Antenatal pediatrics

Even before birth of child many of metabolic and genetic disorders, and congenital malformation can be diagnosed in womb with the help of modern equipments and the anticipatory guidance and treatment planning is done .Besides well being of fetus can be assessed. Counseling is done by both obstetrician and pediatrician in order to prepare for labor and new born care. For patients likely to born before term preventive treatment is done to prevent complications.

Neonatology including intensive care

All deliveries are being conducted in presence of expert neonatologist at the time of birth .No child is allowed to suffer at birth. The most modern equipment are available to perform immediate resuscitation using neonatal resuscitator .Neonatal care is done as per most recent recommendations. The neonate is screened for common disorders.

We have the most advanced equipment to deal with critical situations and state of the art tertiary level NICU .we use siemens i ventilator along with high end monitors ,infusion pumps, syringe pumps, phototherapy. All the advanced procedures for new born care including exchange transfusion ,surfactant therapy,parenteral nutrition is being done regularly by team of experts. Facility for neonatal surgery is available

Well baby care

growth ,development ,screening, early detection of health problem, preventive services ,anticipatory guidance, nutritional advice, health education, behavioral training is being provided .Routine check ups are advised at 15day,1.5 ,2.5, 3.5 , 6, 9,12,15,18,24,month,3,4,5 years and every 2 years there after

PICU is equipped to care most of medical and pre and post surgical patients including cardiac surgical patients. The ICU has most modern ventilators and other equipments to provide maximum care to children. we have facility of ventilation, cardioversion ,dialysis,endoscopy,all specialized surgery including cardiac

Adolescent clinic- services include-immunistion;health guidance for teens covering normal development, injury prevention,nutrition,skin protection, physical activity ,dental health, breast and testicular self examination; health guidance for parents;
screening/counseling for obesity,contraception,tobacco, alcohol,drug use, hypertension, depression, suicide,eating disorder, school problems,hearing,vision,abuse; Testing for papanicolau, HIV, STD, CHOLESTEROL, urinalysis, PCV etc