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Executive Plan

Living in new millennium is not the kind of living that our bodies are designed. The fast pace of life, travel, irregular eating habits, sedentary life style, toxity of pollution in the air and water contribute to premature wear and tear of the body. This plan provides a comprehensive and complete body checkup for today's hard driving executive.

Consultation – Physician, Surgeon
Ophthalmologist, ENT, Gynec
Pathology investigations
Blood Group & RH Type, Fasting
Blood Sugar, Post Parandial
Bl-Sugar, Complete Blood Count, ESR,
S.Urea, SGPT, Lipid Profile, Skeletal
Profile, Thyroid Function Test,
Cardiac Profile,
Renal Profile, Diabitic Profile
Urine Routine & Micro,
Stool Routine & Micro Electro Cardiogram (ECG),
TMT or Sonography (Abdomen)
Lung Function Test - PFT
X-Ray Chest